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Hilary Pond 

Hilary is our gym manager and a decorated national-level Karate athlete. She is no stranger to working hard and crushing her goals. Hilary comes to us with over ten years of training experience, working closely with athletes at UNB, where she obtained her Master of Science in Kinesiology. Her training style focuses on meeting you where you are and challenging you to realize your body's full capabilities. 

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Kelly Daly
CPT, S&C Coach

A complete gym novice, Kelly started her fitness journey right here five years ago. After learning the ForFitness philosophy, she quickly fell in love with the feeling of being strong. She loves sharing everything she's learned with those who feel intimidated by a gym environment, like she was just a short time ago. Kelly is an experienced trainer, loves to empower people and help to  bring out their inner 'gym rats.' 

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Private Training

ForFitness and Athletics offers individual training sessions with one of our certified coaches, who will guide and support you throughout your fitness journey. 


Single Session

$80.00 +tax

10 Pack of Prepaid Sessions

$720.00 +tax

Small Group

Total session value: $100.00*


Options & Pricing Breakdown*

2 Participants: $50.00 

3 Participants: $33.33

4 Participants: $50.00

*taxes extra

Small Group Training

Train with your friends and save money! Small group training is for 2- 4 people and includes all of the perks of individual training, but it costs less!

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