Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis: Improve your mobility!

January 5, 2018

Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis: Improve your mobility!


If your hips or knees are stiff and sore in the morning, or after sitting for a while, it is time to check in with us to see if our GLA:D program is right for you.  If activities that used to be easy, such as putting on your socks, going up or down stairs or going for a walk are becoming more difficult, a focused exercise program will help you recover your mobility.


We used to think that as people got older their joints suffered from wear and tear, and that movement was the enemy.  Now we know that knees and hips don’t wear out. The cartilage in these joints thins and cracks because of factors like being inactive or being overweight, or from injury in work or sports.

The good news is that moving your hips and knees in a way that does not hurt, nourishes your cartilage, allowing it to regenerate.  The side effect from guided, focused exercise is that movement become easier and muscles get stronger to protect your joints.


At Forfitness we offer an education and exercise program, called GLA:D (gladcanada.ca/), to help you become more mobile with arthritis. One patient, who attended our arthritis program, stated that after doing her exercises she was able to lift four 17-inch tires in her car with no problem!

Movement, not resting, is the way to go with hip and knee arthritis. 

by Denise Hollway, PT and Dionne Watson, DC




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