“It takes strength to recover from a stumble." Dr. Henry Lodge

February 15, 2018

Whether you are age 20 or 65, catching your toe makes you stumble. However, recovering your balance at age 65 becomes harder if you have not kept the connection between your muscles and nervous system active. In other words, challenging your muscles regularly builds strength as well as the ability to control your muscles, which is part of having better balance. Having the strength and balance to get under your body as you stumble prevents the fall.

All the research that has looked at increased falling as we age has come to the following conclusion: 
balance and strength training prevents falls in older people living in the community.

If you are concerned about falling and would like to learn how to prevent falls, contact Denise Hollway, PT to have your strength and balance assessed. Denise also offers a weekly Strength and Balance 60+ class with the focus being building coordination, balance and strength.


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Stand up five times – tonight when you get up after working or watching your favorite show, sit back down. Stand up again and notice if you use your hands as well as your legs to stand up. Can you stand up using just your legs? Or if you used both hands to help you stand up, can you stand up using just one hand to assist you?

Regardless of how you stand up, see if you can do 5 more stand ups. Over time work up to standing up 10 times before you carry on with the rest of your evening.


Monday: 1:00 - 2:00pm & Thursday: 1:00 - 1:45pm
with Denise Hollway, PT at Forfitness and Athletics


You are never too old to start strength training!  Benefits from strength and balance training include:


  • improved joint function and decreased joint pain - getting up from a chair, grocery shopping, stair climbing and doing your favorite activity becomes easier

  • stronger bones 

  • decreased fall risk and injury 

  • walking further with more energy

  • maintaining a healthy body weight


We don't check ID!  These classes are open to anyone who feels 60 years of age, or over, and all exercises are modified to the strength, balance and mobility levels of the participants.

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