What is Athletic Therapy?

November 9, 2018

What is an Athletic Therapist? This is the number one question I get as an Athletic Therapist.


An Athletic Therapist specializes in the prevention of athletic and orthopedic injuries while offering expertise in specialized rehabilitation techniques. Athletic Therapists design and implement long term programs of posture, flexibility and total conditioning of an injured individual. This total approach to injury management helps decrease potential re-injury and can lead to an overall decrease in the length of disability.


An Athletic Therapist specializes in injury prevention skills including musculosketal evaluation, equipment selection and fitting, warm-up and conditioning programs and preventative and supportive taping.


Certified Athletic Therapists take an in-depth history before making use of the latest rehabilitative techniques including electrotherapeutic modalities, physical reconditioning and manual therapy techniques. "Exercise is our medicine."



Where can you find an Athletic Therapist?

You will find most Athletic Therapist's on the sidelines at sporting events, running out to an injured player. That injury is assessed on the sideline to see if the athlete can return to the game or needs to be removed from the game and rehabbed in the clinic. More and more Athletic Therapist's are working in clinics.


Do you have coverage for Athletic Therapy?  Check here at http://www.apata.ca/index.php/insurance-companies or call your insurance company.


An Athletic Therapist will not only get you back to where you were before the injury but can help you become stronger, more flexible, more agile, and improve your balance to make sure you do not reinjure that body part again.


An Athletic Therapist can help you with rehab pre and post surgery, after an MVI, a new injury or even with an old injury that has been giving you trouble for years. 


Athletic Therapy is for everyone and we can all benefit from seeing an Athletic Therapist.  

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