Daylight Savings Time....And a Sleep Challenge!

November 2, 2018

We have been talking about sleep a lot lately! Its very important.  Please read the below article from Geoff Forgie, PT!


We can give you recommendations on how to improve your sleep hygiene!  Email us your questions!


Daylight Savings


By Geoff Forgie


​It’s that time of year. Days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer, and we are gaining an hour.


This timing is a perfect excuse to discuss the importance of sleep. Besides that, since I’ve been losing some sleep due to my 4 month old, I’ve been researching this topic for my patients but also for myself and my family.


The bread and butter of this article is both personal experience, and case studies that I have researched.


As a physiotherapist I specialize in rehabilitation and movement, not in sleep; but since I work in an environment where I deal with pain every day, it is obvious that the quality of sleep a person gets goes hand in hand with their level of pain and the longevity of it. Less sleep equals more pain, and specifically - pain that persists.


In a 2015 report the American Academy of Sleep Medicine highlighted sleep to be vital for life, brain function, performance, memory, mood, pain, and filtering out the bad stuff in our bodies. Additionally, sleep duration is associated with mortality risks (including cardiac events, obesity and cancer,) performance, and an increased pain state. This is not fear mongering, but highlighting facts that make us human.  I have been asking my patients lately about their quality and quantity of sleep. Some of them seem to be getting an appropriate amount of sleep, however, most are getting less then 7 hours of sleep with some of it being interrupted whether due to nature, pain or habits


The American Academy of Sleep recommends about 7-10 hours of sleep per night, more for teenagers and much more for babies. Adults tend to think they know better than what biology dictates. For that reason, it is more important than ever for us adults to realize that sleep is something we need in order to function, and to heal.


A great analogy for sleep (which I did not come up with myself) is that when a computer is not working well, what do we do? We turn it off, reboot and then it works better. Well, that’s sleep.  Goodnight everyone.


Geoff Forgie, PT





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