New Summer Clinics with Emma Hicks!

July 4, 2018


We have two brand new clinics starting with Coach Emma Hicks!

Emma is a CSCS strength coach and former National Team Athlete!


Strong Girls - July 17th to August 23rd 2018

Our Strong Girls program gives young female athletes a physical training foundation that will support them in all of their sport endeavors.  Each training session will also include a group chat for discussions and activities covering leadership, goal setting, confidence, body image, and other important topics to help our girls be successful both on and off the field/court/ice/track/etc.

The group talks will be lead by Emma, and feature guest speakers such as Ashley Duguay (sport psychology consultant) and local athletes, while also having some participant-led sessions.
$180 plus tax per athlete

Ages 9-12  8:30am to 10am
Ages 13-15 10am to 11:30am


Click here to enroll in Strong Girls today!

Speed, Agility and Conditioning- July 17th to August 23rd 2018
Sport is chaotic, with the need to start, stop, and change direction based on what is happening in front of you. Join us for 6 weeks of training to improve your speed, agility, and conditioning and be at the top of your game heading into your fall sport season!
$84 plus tax per athlete

Girls 12pm to 1pm
Boys 1pmto 2pm

Click here to enroll in Speed, Agility, and Conditioning today!

Both programs come with baseline and post program testing to show you the results of your hard work!

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