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June 29, 2018



What is GLA:D?


Its an 8 week education and exercises program designed for those with knee or hip arthritis. It stands for Good Life with osteoArthritis Denmark! The program was brought to Canada, and has been at ForFitness and Athletics for almost a year now!


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Osteoarthritis (OA) is not just a disease of the elderly. It is also prevalent in individuals between the ages of 30 and 45. Everyone with knee or hip arthritis can benefit from neuromuscular training, and we know that prevention is key to slowing symptom development. Research from the GLA:D® program in Denmark has shown a reduction in progression of symptoms by 32% in participants with knee or hip arthritis. Other outcomes include a reduction in pain intensity, reduced use of joint related pain killers, and fewer individuals on sick leave. Program participants also reported high levels of satisfaction with the program and increased levels of physical activity 12 months after starting the program.







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