BULLETIN 1 (2009)

January 1, 2009

Your Health Bulletin is information from scientific literature to make sense of the right choices for your health.  It is a reminder to consider periodic check-ups of your spine, joint mechanics and appropriate exercise.  Maintenance is better than repair!


Knowledge, Veggies, Exercise, Pain Process


Your health your choice the better the knowledge the better the choice
that is what these bulletins are about for example much is being said negatively about red meat industrial animal products are poor for many reasons….but properly raised it is the best food for us and the environment
support the local farmers growing grass fed beef/pasture poultry—organic is best.  Refer to our newsletter for such local growers

e-coli h157 is not found in grass fed beef but is found in industrial meat in increasing numbers which can make you very sick and it is due to grain feed —the wrong food


Let our office know if you would be interested in attending infosessions/support group on various health issues to be held in our office on wednesday evening at 7pm for one hour; we can seat 10-20 people so it would be advisable to book ahead. topics range from body mechanics/exercise/food etc


Best veggies
Refer to the book ‘foods that fight cancer’ by richard beliveau, research chief at sainte justine’s hospital cancer center Montreal PQ. He states that eating cruciferous veggies daily is like daily chemotherapy against the process of cancer– this would be example of topic to explore on a wednesday night infosession


Best exercise
It is out of breath exercise— new research demonstrates that such exercise is anti-inflammatory—the upright exercise bike is an easy way to do this and also stimulate mechanoreceptors which regulate/modulate the process of pain— another infosession topic


The pain process
First, when it comes to pain, maintenance is always better than repair
the majority of people that experience pain do not have an identifiable cause. Activities of daily living, ADL, strain muscles and joints which develop adhesions in the joints and muscle fibers, and tighten. On a 0-15 pain scale, we experience pain at 5 so from 0-5 we are developing the pain process— adhesions in muscles and joints from ADL. This is how we can bend over to pick up a pencil and feel back pain—an accident looking for a place to happen. Exercise helps to reduce the spread of these adhesions but it will not get rid of them; only mechanical stimulation of the muscle or joint will do that. This is why regular joint and muscle manipulation is so important—to reverse the process of pain. Both tissues must be checked and corrected, joints in particular due to mechanoreceptor activity. These special nerve endings are stimulated by motion. When the joint is tight the brain does not get info and starts the process of pain by telling the muscle to further tighten, increasing the adhesions in both muscle and joint. This process is involved in all areas of pain and this is why chiropractors are so successful at correcting pain – joint and muscle manipulation release these adhesions, stimulating the mechanoreceptors and causing/allowing the brain to increase the circulation, relax the muscles, release proteins in the spinal cord/brain which inhibit pain pathways, and produce further beneficial effects such as immune stimulation, anti-inflammatory effects and enkephalin products which make us feel good…..that’s a mouthful but these are the physiological benefits of joint manipulation and why it is so successful in correcting/treating pain problems of backs, necks shoulders knees etc.


Now the pain problem is the brain and due to this the joint/muscle correction, especially in the acute/active/repair stage must be repeated. This is because the brain has to adapt/compensate for tightening joints/muscles and it learns to do this. Thereby it takes repeated corrections for the brain to unlearn this just like any other skill you wish the brain to learn or unlearn. This is why maintenance is better than repair—having muscle and joint adhesions from ADL corrected on a monthly basis.


Look forward to seeing you at any time but hopefully on a maintenance basis.




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