BULLETIN 6 (2008)

June 15, 2008

Your Health Bulletin is information from scientific literature to make sense of the right choices for your health.  It is a reminder to consider periodic check-ups of your spine, joint mechanics and appropriate exercise.  Maintenance is better than repair!


Veggies, fruit: contaminated?


Medical Post, 17 January 2006, reports from Center for Science in Public Interest that tomatoes, sprouts and other produce made 28,315 people sick from 1990-2003; chicken 14,729; eggs 10,847 and seafood 9,312.  From 1990-2001 poultry caused 121 salmonella outbreaks and produce 80.  In 2002-03 produce caused 31 salmonella outbreaks, poultry 29.  Salmonella isn’t the only pathogen; in 2003 green onions in salsa transmitted hepatitis A to 555 people killing 3; E-coli on a bagged salad mix sickened 50 in San Diego; last year in Kingston, Ontario, bean sprouts caused food poisoning.


The Center for Disease Control estimates, suspecting under-reporting, that 76 million people get sick and 5,000 die from food-borne pathogens each year.


What to do? Wash produce in soapy water and rinse well.  Use plain scent-free soap.

Refer to Newsletter 6 on fiber and kale for advice regarding veggies


Alcohol and Risk of Obesity


June 17, 2006, the Medical Post reports a study by the Texas Technical Univer-sity Health Sciences and Mayo Clinic, which shows that an alcoholic drink or two a few times a week reduces the risk of being obese, but four or more drinks per day increases the risk by 40%.  The authors caution that there is no evidence to suggest that non-drinkers should consume alcohol to reduce weight.


Comment: First, losing weight should not be the goal; losing body fat is the issue and should be accurately measured – read office handout #271.  Energy in, energy out – if you eat too much of anything without adequate exercise you will put on weight.  If you eat too many carbs, insulin in response will store the energy as fat.  If you eat the wrong foods, the proteins will interfere with cell metabolism of calories, hormonal response and brain chemicals, making you crave.  Measurement of the properties of urine and saliva will indicate whether you are eating the wrong food.



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