BULLETIN 5 (2008)

May 15, 2008

Your Health Bulletin is information from scientific literature to make sense of the right choices for your health.  It is a reminder to consider periodic check-ups of your spine, joint mechanics and appropriate exercise.  Maintenance is better than repair!




“Why didn’t my medical doctor tell me!?  I should have been here a long time ago!” is the typical first response of people upon seeing a chiropractor.

Patient satisfaction is one of the defining characteristics of chiropractic care, as confirmed by numerous independent studies, and is one reliable measurement of effective-ness.  Chiropractors are neuro-musculoskeletal experts – spinal health care specialists.  This means we treat both acute and chronic pain which is due to poor mechanical motion of joints causing inflammation and nerve irritation, which in turn cause pain and tight muscles, as well as other problems which can include ‘pins and needles’, hot and cold sensations, weakness, fatigue, insomnia, mood changes – in short, a poor quality of life.


Unfortunately most new patients I see, in fact most individuals in our society, are unnecessarily anxious about chiropractors because of gross misinformation from the media and from our present medical system.

So if you want to have a better insight as to why this is going on, and why the management of our health care system is so inefficient, read Squandering Billions – available from our office library.


For example:  from Squandering Billions, p32-33:

“One of Canada’s foremost health economists is Dr. Pran Manga, a professor at the University of Ottawa, who played a key role in the creation of the Canada Health Act.  The author of numerous important studies for governments, Royal Commissions, the United Nations, The World Health Organization, and several sovereign states, he has also conducted studies concerning the use of chiropractic services.  A 1993 study led by Dr. Manga demonstrated that the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) would save hundreds of millions of dollars per year if more effective coverage of chiropractic was provided.  These findings were reviewed and recommended to government by an expert panel chaired by the Hon. Tom Wells, a respected former cabinet minister.  Dr. Manga revisited the study in 1998, concluding that the savings to the Ontario government would likely be $548 million per year.  Extrapolated on a national basis, it could mean a savings of $2 billion a year.”



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