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April 15, 2007

This newsletter is provided as a source of information, based on the most current scientific evidence known and or ignored.  To know is to ask the right questions; to make the right choice is to take control. Enjoy!




Grains-What You Need To Know

Ancestral Diets

Cereal Protein

Vitamin C & Blood Pressure

Pain Medication & Death Risk

Further On Dangerous Practices

Lung Cancer & Estrogens

Pain, Spinal Manipulations & Beyond

Bits/Bytes Science News

Cooking With Rice

Banana Bread

Quick Frozen Dessert

Thank About It





You’re getting older now.  You have to slow down.  You have to expect some aches and pains, lack of energy or foggy thinking.  You’ve heard it, you may have said it.  Age by itself is not the reason for pain or lack of energy or other difficulty.


Aging is wear and tear.  It is the interplay of what we eat, breathe and contact, that is our environment or our genetic predisposition.  Food is the major environmental factor – we make choices.


Wear and tear is oxidative stress.


Oxidative stress is concerned with the exchange of electrons at the atomic level.  Our body ages, i.e. wears and tears faster the more oxidative stress we are under.  Oxidative stress is the browning of an apple when you cut it or the rusting of a nail.


Oxidative stress is directly correlated with biological aging.  It is a consequence of both external and internal risk factors.  Subjectively a person experiences oxidative stress as symptoms – tired, poor memory, aches/pains, digestive problems, neurological difficulty, any symptom you can imagine.  It is easily measured electronically by testing the body fluids.


This then allows one a window to view biological age – a yardstick.  It allows one to see whether the choices being made regarding one’s health are appropriate.  It is society’s and the individual’s failure to make the right choices which have left us with overwhelming

health care costs as the number of unhealthy people young and old increase.



The following, Part II, of a three part series on “Grains, What You Need to Know” has been paraphrased in part from a review paper “Cereal Grains; Humanity’s double-edged Sword” by Loren Cordain, Ph.D., Department of exercise and Sport Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A.  As a review paper it contains three hundred and forty-two references from the scientific literature and is presented in the book, “Evolutionary Aspects of Nutrition & Health”: by AP Simopoulos, Vol. 84, 1999 published by S. Karger in Basel, Switzerland.




All cereal grains have significant nutritional shortcomings as the previous information in Your Health #4 indicates.  Of even greater impact are their anti-nutrient affects on our biology.


Phytates bind minerals and make them unavailable.  For example, calcium absorption is impaired and this increases one’s tendency to bone problems;  osteoporosis, osteomalacia, rickets, etc.  Iron becomes unavailable due not only to phytates but also because of the fiber, tannins, lectins and excessive phosphorous.  This lack of iron results in anaemia and resultant reduced work capacity and productivity, increased tendency to infection, increased pregnancy and birth complications for mom and babe, and increased tendency for learning disabilities.  Other minerals such as copper, zinc and magnesium are also made unavailable.


Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids are among the principal categories of fats found in food.  Almost all seeds have high amounts of omega 6 fatty acids.  Our traditional diet consisted of approximately 1-4: 1 of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids.  However, due to an excessive consumption of omega 6 (linoleic acid) from grains, legumes and vegetable oil, our modern diet has an Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio of 14-25:1.  This abnormal fat ratio, together with fatty acid antagonists of excessive carbohydrate (grains, bread, pastries, high

starch vegetables such as potato and squash) and trans fatty acids from margarines and commercial fats (fast food)  results in a pro-inflammatory chemistry contributing to poor quality aging and genetic expression of familial health problems.  Immunity is compromised and subtle cell membrane electrical switches are turned off.  This can result in a broad array of problems involving neurotransmitters and hormones.


Grain ingestion is known to interfere with growth due to a decreased appetite and direct toxic effect by alkylresorcinols.  This chemical is found in the outer bran of grain.   As well, this chemical causes red blood cell damage, DNA breaks, liver and kidney damage and promotes inflammation.


It is ironic that grains, which are at least 70% starch has starch splitting enzyme inhibitors.  Alpha amylase inhibitors interfere with the digestion of starches by inhibiting our starch digestive enzymes in the saliva and pancreas resulting in pancreatic damage.  This enzyme interference contributes to intestinal dysbiosis and subsequent excessive gut permeability (leakiness) which increases our tendency to allergy and intolerance.


Along with starch enzyme inhibitors grains and legumes have protein enzyme (protease) inhibitors.  In humans, research has not as yet clearly understood this impact.  However, in animals the protease inhibitor binds to trypsin, i.e. pancreatic protein digesting enzyme.  Because the secretion activity of the pancreas is controlled by the trypsin level in the intestinal tract, i.e. trypsin is the thermostat for pancreatic enzyme activity, if trypsin levels decrease in the intestine then the pancreas produces more and vice versa.  So, because the trypsin level is bound to the grain protein enzyme inhibitor the pancreas cells start to multiply and get bigger to produce more trypsin and in animals has lead to pancreatic cancer.



For millions of years animals have adapted to a specific diet.  Wolves eat their prey – meat.  Domestic dogs have the genetic program from wolves.  Industry has produced dog food with grain as the staple.  This has resulted in chronic diseases of arthritis, thyroid, diabetes, heart and obesity.



It may seem harsh or even ludicrous but you wouldn’t eat even a little bit of rat poison served to you no matter how well intentioned the server.  All of us have grown up with the emotional association of cookies, pies, pastries, muffins, buns and bread made from wheat or other cereals.  Rice appears to be the only cereal which seems to have good tolerance.  But even some people have to forego all cereals including rice.  Intellectually we are told by mainstream and alternative health exponents of the nutritious value of cereals.  Canada’s food guide (which is industry serving) even bases it food pyramid on cereals.


The problem is that most disease processes have at their foundation an intolerance to cereal protein (except rice as indicated).  This intolerance even a little bit damages the gut and its functions affecting all other parts of the body resulting in colds to cancer.


Recall that a poison is any substance which causes harm to tissue.  The gluten cereal protein is just that – poison.  Consider a twenty-year prospective study of three groups of individuals diagnosed as being gluten intolerant.  One group A, kept right on eating everything; no diet change, Group B changed their diet but still got a little gluten once in a while from once a week to once every several months; Group C completely cut out gluten.  After fifteen years it was found that Group A and Group B had eight times the incidence of gut cancer over Group C.  In other words, getting a little bit of gluten/poison once in a while still resulted in eight

times the incidence of cancer.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Ref. Malignancy in Celiac Disease, G. Holmes, pg.55, Changing Features of Celiac Disease

G. Holmes summarized his study by stating:  “The challenge for medical practitioners is to detect patients with celiac disease so that they can be offered the benefits of a gluten free diet which not only restores full health in the majority but protects agains’t the development of malignancy”.pg.58, Changing Features of Coeliac Disease.


One other note about rice –  Most people do not digest or metabolize (insulin resistant) starch very well.  Most people’s salivary ph is too alkaline to have good digestive capacity for amylase (starch splitting enzyme) and therefore ferment starches creating lactic acid and aggravating an already too acid condition.  Further it is known that 50% of the population is insulin resistant and some studies suggest we are genetically 100% insulin resistant, which is the preparatory chemistry for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Note rice is 60-70% starch.  Potato is 23-25% starch above ground vegetables are 1-7% starch and are much better metabolized than potatoes and especially rice.  Remember starch is 4 calories/gram.  So if you are concerned about weight, decreasing your calories is more effective when potatoes and especially rice is limited to 1-2 times per week.



500 mg. Of Vitamin C daily has a normalising effect on mild to moderate hypertension according to researchers at Boston University School of Medicine.  The effect is similar to medication, ACE inhibitors and beta blockers, used to control high blood pressure

source – Medical Post, February 1, 2000-05-08

The mechanism is suspected to be due to Vitamin C’s antioxidant effect.  Vitamin C stops the damage from oxidizing superoxide radical which can inactivate nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels and relaxed blood vessels reduce the resistance of blood flow and thereby reduces blood pressure.


Assuming 50-70 mg. of Vitamin C per cup of vegetables, you would need at least 9 cups of vegetables per day to meet the requirement of 500 mg. of Vitamin C per day.



Medication, such as ibuprofen, for low back or joint pain is killing thousands of people every year according to a recent report in the Medical Post, April 4, 2000.  This class of drugs is known as NSAIDS, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatories which inhibit inflammation.  Adverse reactions to these drugs include stomach pains, one in seventy; bleeding ulcers, one in one hundred and fifty; and death, one in twelve hundred.  The lead researcher suggested there is little concern using these drugs for a short period of time, that the risk is continuous use for several months or more.  To put this is in perspective, as reported by Postgrad Med, Mar.’98, anti-inflammatory (pain) medication is responsible for ten to twenty thousand deaths per year.


More concern about medical intervention is confirmed by L. Leape, a Harvard University professor who reportedly has completed the most comprehensive study of medical errors in the United States, his study has estimated that one million patients are injured by errors during hospital treatment each year and 120,000 die as a result.  “That number is the equivalent of what would occur if a

jumbo jet crashed, every day for one year, it is three times the 43,000 people killed each year in United States auto accidents.


As discussed, in “The Medical Errors Controversy” by J. McAndrews, D.C. from the recent “Today’s Chiropractic Journal”, Spring 2000, Robert Brook, a professor of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles stated “the bottom line is we have a system that is terribly out of control” and that “it’s really a joke to worry about the occasional plane that goes down when we have thousands of people killed in hospitals every year.


Further on Dangerous Practices:

J. McAndrews comments on more research and opinion:

·         From a public citizen’s group – none of the 456 most prescribed

cold and cough prescription drugs is recommended because of potential side effects including depression, hallucinations, psychoses, sexual dysfunction, dementia, insomnia, constipation, Parkinsonism, etc.  source – “Toughing out common cold is best approval,” The Tulsa World, Nov. 13, 1999.

·         University of Toronto Study, 1998 – “As many as 100,000 deaths in American hospitals each year may be linked to adverse drug reactions (ADR’s).  This makes adverse drug reactions the 4th-6th leading cause of death after heart attack, stroke and cancer.  The leading drugs include pain, anti-inflammatory, anti-depression.

·         Death from prescription drugs increased at a higher rate over a ten year period than any other cause of death except Aids shows a study by sociologist, David Phillips,

University of California at San Diego.


Overall, the researchers found a 257-fold increase in deaths caused by prescription drug errors from 1983-1993.

Research on our detoxification enzyme ability is revealing the reason for adverse drug reactions.  The cytp450 enzyme family is responsible for detoxifying most drugs.  If it is depleted or absent, due to genetic variability or due to overload, then the amount of drug prescribed will have a greater effect and may cause problems for the individual.  For example, it is known that naringenin, a bioflavinoid found in grapefruit juice (refer to newsletter #4 – Grapefruit Juice and Muscle Wasting Disease) will decrease the activity of this cytp450.


As a result a prescribed medication instead of having a twenty-five unit effect may now have a fifty unit effect or toxic overload.  Recall anything beneficial at one dose can be harmful at another dose.


So if you must use drugs, use as little as possible for as short a time as possible.  Determine the cause of the problem and remove it.  In other words if your foot has a splinter in it take it out – don’t simply mask it with medication.



As reported in Science News, April 22, 2000, “Women taking estrogen replacement therapy have two times the incidence of lung cancer that other women have, although the risk is small among non-smokers.


The report also indicates that women are more susceptible to the cancer-causing effects of tobacco smoke possibly due to estrogen.


This is thought to be due to the fact that the most common type of lung cancer produces two times the estrogen receptors on the tumor cells in the lungs of women versus men.  Healthy lung cells usually don’t produce estrogen receptors.


The report concludes that because there is more estrogen pre-menopausal and that lung cancers are most common in women in their 60’s that it may take years for the carcinogenic effect of estrogen to result in diagnosable cancer.




Simply speaking something you eat, breathe or contact that is inappropriate, i.e. cigarettes, become an irritant to tissue.  This creates excessive oxidative stress or loss of particles from molecules called electrons.  This oxidative stress damages the cell.  If unchecked eventually DNA mutates and forms abnormal cells – a tumor begins if the immune system doesn’t see it.


The more you expose yourself to material that you can’t properly metabolize, i.e. chemicals, from contact, breathing or eating especially food then the more oxidative stress you are under and the more your cells act abnormally.  Hormones, like estrogen stimulate the cell processes.   If the cell processes are abnormal due to excessive oxidative stress then that abnormal cell is stimulated to be more abnormal.


Cancer is a normal response to an abnormal chemistry.  It is the total load of irritants from what we breathe, eat and contact that creates

excessive oxidative stress transformed by our genes that results in pathology and its due primarily to food.



A discussion on the benefits of chiropractic care beyond that of helping joint and muscle pain was presented in “The Chiropractic Report” March 2000.  Most people seek out the services of a chiropractor for aches and pain especially that of the low back and neck.  Research has been published in various medical journals establishing chiropractic expertise in managing such aches and pain.  As a result the official publication of the American College of Physicians encourage medical doctors to refer patients to chiropractors for ache and pain disorders especially of the low back and neck.


Interestingly, it has long been the observations of chiropractors that patients benefit in many other ways.  Often seemingly unrelated problems of vision, digestion, mood, infections, bowel habits, urination, gynaecological difficulties, learning, etc., etc. improve with chiropractic manipulation of improperly moving spinal joints.


For example:  a U.S. chiropractor, Browning, reports of ten cases of improved gynaecological/ bowel function; an Australian opthamologist, Gorman, working with chiropractors reports on eighteen cases where visual field was restored following spinal manipulation; Lewitt, a Czech neurologist and manual medicine specialist, reports relief from chronic recurring tonsillitis in thirty-seven children given manipulation for upper neck problems.


Now, a study has been published in the Journal of Manipulation and Physiological Therapeutics, giving further support to chiropractors anecdotal observed benefits other than ache and pain relief.


The study involved a national survey of 1504 patients of eighty-seven members of the Swedish Chiropractors Association.  The study reports that 23%, about one in four, adult patients consulting a chiropractor for ache and pain symptoms also benefited in other symptomatic areas as follows:   easier to breathe 21%; improved digestion 20%; clearer, sharper, better vision 11%; better circulation 7%; heart rhythm/blood pressure 5%; and less ringing in the ears/improved hearing 4%.


“All of these findings confirm the daily experience of chiropractors in other countries”.


The important difference is that these anecdotal accounts of patient improvement are now supported by credible data!





·         With cancer vaccines made from cells from a patient’s own body, scientists revved up the immune system to destroy tumor cells. 153:380



Homeopathic nosodes work in a similar manner.  Nosodes are dilute preparations of biological material (much more dilute than vaccines).  For example Notakehl D5 is a preparation of penicillin notatum in a concentration of 1 in 100,000.


·         Women at high risk halve their chances of getting breast cancer by taking the synthetic hormone tamoxifen, a U.S. study reported.  European researchers, however, found no significant difference between breast cancer rates in women taking tamoxifen or an inert substance 153:228, 154:37.



Cancer is a chronic disease due to unchecked excessive oxidative stress.  This is due to making wrong choices about what we eat, breathe and contact colored by our genetics.


To correct excessive oxidative stress you must change what you eat, breathe and contact.  The immune system must be supported with the correct food, water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise and a positive attitude.   Various biological response modifiers including vitamins, enzymes, fats, herbs and homeopathic remedies are also necessary.


·         Babies of mothers who smoked during pregnancy and of those who merely were exposed to second hand smoke harbour cancer and mutation – causing chemicals from tobacco, indicating that the substances pass through the placenta to a developing fetus 154:133, 213.


·         Microbiologists argued that unusually tiny bacteria may lead to kidney stones and other diseases not normally associated with infection (154:75).



Eventually it should become common knowledge that most chronic diseases are associated with some form of microbial infection.  The microbe can be a problem but the priority is the congested tissue which provided a suitable environment for the microbe.  That congestion is due to an inability to properly metabolize what you eat, breathe and contact and its primarily due to wrong food choices.  Congestion is easily measured by evaluating the electrical resistance of your body fluids, i.e. urine should be 30-45 ohms and saliva 180-220 ohms.


Recommended Reading – “Symbiotic Planet by Lynn Marguilis, “Living Cell”

by Lynn Marguilis



Apparently there are three to four thousand varieties of rice.  Of the few varieties that we have here white rice, especially the extra long grain, gives the better texture for bread making.  Use brown rice if you will but if the flour tastes bitter – it’s rancid – don’t eat it.


Brown rice flour should be refrigerated when purchased.  If not

it is probably rancid.  White rice flour is more stable – it doesn’t have the germ or the bran.  It is the germ that is easily oxidized due to it’s fat content.  Of course, if possible, it is better to have your own flour mill for rice.  Then you know exactly what you are getting.  There is some controversy over possible contamination of rice flour with other cereal flour which would not be tolerated.   Other cereal protein contaminated rice flour will create an inflammatory response damaging your gut which in time damages the digestion/absorption/ detoxification/immunity and gut hormonal communication systems resulting in a cascade of biochemical events causing you not to feel good.


I have used a Magic Mill flourmill solely for rice for the past twenty-five years.  There are many good flourmills on the market, I find the Magic Mill to work well.  It will cost about $300.00 but will save you money over the long term, have a better quality flour and be able to use different varieties of rice for your flour.  Good luck!




2-3 ripe mashed bananas

1 cup apple sauce

1 ¾ cups freshly ground brown rice flour

1 tsp. baking soda

3 tbsps. Olive oil

1 tbsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice

(1/4 cup honey or brown sugar – optional)

approximately ½ cup water to obtain desired texture


You can substitute a different rice flour and note different rice flours absorb water differently.  You may have to adjust liquid to have the right texture.

Bake at 350o for about 40 minutes


Quick Frozen Dessert

2 peeled frozen bananas

½ cup water

cream in blender

add frozen strawberries 1-3 at a time approximately 1 lb. until

desired thickness – serve immediately



Since the days of revelation, in fact, the same four corrupting errors have been made over and over again:

(1)    submission to faulty and unworthy authority;

(2)    submission to what it was customary to believe;

(3)    submission to the prejudices of the mob;

(4)    and worst of all concealment of ignorance by a false show of unheld knowledge, for no better reason than pride.

Roger Bacon

12th Century

English Scholar




We are made of cells.  These cells consist of water 75-85%, protein 10-20%, fats 3%, minerals 1%, carbohydrates 1%, vitamins and beneficial bacteria and microbes.  Appropriate food genetically adapted food.  It must be species specific in order to be properly processed, absorbed and utilized to maintain health.


Inappropriate food causes irritation, inflammation, malabsorption, congestion, excessive oxidative stress and acidity.  This chemistry creates a weakened immune system, which results in harmful bacteria and microbes which contribute to genetic weakness, poor health and disease.


All life forms have genetically adapted to specific environmental and dietary needs.  If those needs are not met then sickness results. A  healthy soil produces healthy plants, a clean stream produces healthy fish.  That is nature.  Let’s support the principles of biology – nature – the natural cycle of life.



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