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April 15, 2007

This newsletter is provided as a source of information, based on the most current scientific evidence known or ignored.  To know is to ask the right questions; to make the right choice is to take control.  Enjoy!



The food we select to eat, is the most important variable affecting our health.  Our response to all other variables, what we contact, breathe, and think, are modified by food.  Food determines our chemistry.  Our chemistry determines all body functions and dysfunction.  Whether we express genetic strength or weaknesses depends on the food we choose.



Chronic Fatigue   Syndrome

Weeds & What They Mean

Weeds & Pesticides

Dioxins…. Tooth

Did You Know That

Short Stature

Thyroid Disease

Dogs & Cats


Response to Chiropractic

Neck Pain


Food Sources


Choosing the wrong food increases our tendency to express genetic weaknesses such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease, etc.  These genetic and acquired weaknesses are characterized by excessive oxidative stress.  Wrong choices means increasing oxidative stress or unhealthy aging.


When a nail rusts or butter turns rancid it is due to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the wear and tear mechanism.  It is the common chemical pathway for normal function and when excessive, for all forms of ill health, from colds to cancer.  It is due to a harmful substance from what we breathe, contact and most importantly ingest or as a result of how we process what we breathe, contact or ingest.  Oxidative stress is pac man in a donut shop munching them up.  In our case our cells are the donuts having holes punched in them by the irritating substance.  This weakens the cells.  Cell repair and regeneration weakens, cell energy production weakens, cell communication weakens and cellular detoxification weakens.

Eventually oxidative stress in the cell increases and the nucleus weakens with subsequent damage of DNA.  Then abnormal cells develop.  If our immune cells can’t see these abnormal cells then they grow out of control – cancer.  This being the end stage breakdown of cell regulation.  To halt, reverse and or prevent this from happening it is important to keep oxidative stress in its optimal range.  This is easily measured with electronic testing of the urine and saliva.  If oxidative stress is excessive changes must be made.




Don’t be put off by this article.  I want you to read through this discussion, the technical jargon you can skipB I will try to interpret it for you, so you can see where the direction of cutting edge research is going.  Read on.


Martin Pall, PhD, is a researcher, biochemist and professor of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, USA.


Dr. Pall has done extensive research on chronic fatigue syndrome (that’s where somebody is tired all the time as a chief complaint and  may have secondary complaints of aches and pains, sore muscles, mood swings, not sleep well, digestive

problems etc., etc.).    Also they may have been told that they have fibro myalgia or that it is all in their head.


It has been thought that people with chronic fatigue syndrome have a viral or bacterial infection that triggers the production of elevated  levels of inflammatory cytokines.  Dr. Pall is researching his peroxynitrite hypothesis, which proposes that inflammatory cytokines induce an enzyme known as inducible nitric oxide synthase.  That enzyme, in turn, synthesizes high levels of nitric oxide, a relatively non reactive free radical.  Nitric oxide is known to react very rapidly with another relatively non reactive free radical, superoxide radical, to form peroxynitrite.  Dr. Pall proposes 6 different positive feedback loops that (through changes produced in the cell by peroxynitrite), when peroxynitrite is elevated, can produce changes that then increase the levels of either superoxide or nitric oxide.  Through these positive feedback loops, peroxynitrite can produce biochemical dysfunction, which leads to the symptoms observed in chronic fatigue.



You may have skipped above but all this researcher is doing is mapping out the detailed chemical pathways of excessive oxidative stress.  You should already know that excessive oxidative stress is due to excessive inflammation which is a defence mechanism the body uses to get rid of toxins.  The chief source of these toxins is from a disturbed gut due to the food we eat.  Read on there’s more technical stuff but you will see why.


The chemical basis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be determined from a study of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and non-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  patients by studying their urine profiles indicating substantial changes in metabolism and homeostasis in chronic fatigue patients.  Immunological challenge and increased TH2 pro-inflammatory cytokines in animals have demonstrated decreased energy availability and increased fatigue.  Removal of immune system stimulants, lowering of oxidative stress and rebuilding membranes by detoxification of endogenous or exogenous toxins to which the patient may have been exposed may be an effective chemical strategy in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.



Different patterns of toxicity can be revealed by testing the urine – nothing new.  However, the treatment suggested here is to reduce oxidative stress, i.e. inflammation, by removing substances from the person that they can’t tolerate and to support detoxification.  This is all that I am trying to teach people.  According to their chemistry over time they experience symptoms of discomfort due to accumulated toxins.  You must stop the intake and or production of toxins by eating the food only that you can properly process, breathe as clean air as possible and support your chemistry with appropriate supplementation for basic chemistry, i.e. minerals and antioxidants.  In many cases you may have to use herbs and homeopathics from short to long periods of time and for some an indefinite period to support detoxification and rebuilding or maintenance of chemistry.


Food is the best medicine we take everyday of our lives.



Weeds are not an indication of lack of weed killers such as 2-4D, Killex or Rawlings..  AWeeds are our index of what is wrong – and sometimes what is right – with the soil, or at least with the fertility program.@ – Charles Walter, Weeds; control without poison available from Acres USA 1-800-355-5313.


There are three classes of weeds:- broadleaf, grasses and succulents.  Broadleaf weeds are present to correct the phosphorus/potassium ratio.  The ratio should be two parts phosphorus to one part potassium.  Grasses such as foxtail and quackgrass are present to correct a calcium deficiency.  By cutting grass and letting it decompose when you cut actually fertilizes the soil.  If the grass does not easily decompose then thatch builds up due to compacted soil (lack of organic matter, poor aeration and lack of aerobic microbes).  Excessive salt concentration also contributes to this which is primarily due to artificial fertilizers, remember use compost.

Succulent weeds like purslane increase water holding capacity and act as ground cover countering erosion and dehydration.  Both lambs quarter and pigweed say soil conditions are good and fertility is excellentB the crop will thrive and insects stay away.  Ragweed means lack of available potassium.


Weeds are indicators of soil chemistry just as our own symptoms are indicators of body chemistry.  It’s not necessary to fight the weeds.


Now,  how do we treat the urban nemesis which is an invaluable herb used to combat excessive oxidative stress of the liver.  It is a common ingredient in many of the homeopathic remedies I recommend for liver support.  It is also found in many herbal preparations.  It’s use is indicated for an overloaded  liver detoxification enzyme function due mostly to food reactions damaging the gut wall and subsequent by-products congesting our circulation and liver making us sick.


Taraxacum officinale, the common dandelion, a friendly weed with deep roots bringing calcium and minerals to the soil surface for plant use.  It means just that, lack of minerals in the soil, in particular usable calcium.  Apply calcitic limestone not dolomite.   The high calcium lime will loosen your soil due to it being a larger element than the magnesium found in dolomite, and improve the strength of your plants.  Minerals, especially calcium, are needed for photosynthesis.   If calcium is low in the soil then the plant’s immune system weakens, and is therefore more subject to disease and insects,  its sugar content is low thereby causing a low fat and protein content – not nutritious.  This is the basic problem with food grown today.  It is of poor nutrient quality.  This is a good reason to use mineral and antioxidant supplements.  Because soil chemistry is not understood and applied the plant  is low in sugar, weak,  nutrient-poor and tastes bland.


Our soil requires about seven parts calcium to one part magnesium.  If the soil in your garden,  excessively sticks to your footwear especially when wet then there is too much magnesium and not enough calcium.  Happy gardening!!!!



Lawn & weed killer such as 2, 4-D or Killex, and Par 3 used in Canada and world wide are most commonly used to kill dandelions and broad leaved weeds in lawns, parks, golf courses and school yards.


A recent study on Home Pesticide use and childhood cancer demonstrated a significant correlation between yard treatment with pesticide strips, pediatric leukaemias, and cancer in animals.  Pesticide strips are easily accessible to infants and children  following application on lawns, lawn furniture, play structures and through storage in the house.


Many studies link exposure to these herbicides with cancer.  Studies from Sweden have suggested that workers exposed are at an increased risk of developing soft-tissue sarcoma, Hodgkin’s disease and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (cancer of lymphatic system).  These findings coincide with the findings of increased incidence of non- Hodgkin lymphoma in caretakers of golf courses and previous studies on farmers.


Another commonly  used pesticide, Round up or Rodeo, has been associated with: reduced male sperm density, salivary gland lesions in rats, DNA damage in mice, pregnancy problems in farmers, a decrease in earthworm weight, and decreased activity of nitrogen fixing bacteria.


Paraphrased from Pesticide Watch & Pesticides and Human Health- newsletter for family physicians



Mottling of teeth (yellowish brown discoloration) as well as mineral structure malformation has been linked to children exposed to high concentrations of dioxin-like compounds from breast milk tainted with dioxins.

Satu Alaluusua  , of the University of  Helsinki Institute of Dentistry in the January 16,     Lancet reports that children who had encountered the most dioxin in their mother’s milk had the highest rate of these tooth defects.  Apparently the dioxins interfere with cell receptors for epidermal growth factor (EGF) a hormone-like substance that contributes to development of many tissues.


The Finnish data are very concerning in a public health sense  because they demonstrate effects from dioxin exposures at background levels (that means acceptable levels – author’s note) says Linda Bambauur, a toxicologist with the U.S.E.P.A. -Science News,Vol.155,Feb.20, 1999




Several issues are of concern with such pesticide research implications.  Dioxins are among the most toxic of compounds produced by the chemical industry.  Most pesticides on the market today are contaminated with dioxins.  The only way to stop their use is for an informed consumer to refuse to use pesticides and where possible to seek out products free of pesticides. Secondly,  is that government agencies and industry has declared acceptable limits of background exposure to these chemicals.  However, as this research and more to follow does and will demonstrate that in all probability there is no acceptable limit.  These chemicals must be recognized, transformed and eliminated by our detoxification enzyme systems.  If not, the chemicals accumulate in tissue and poison us each a little differently due to our genetic and acquired weaknesses by interfering with our endocrine hormones (in this study epidermal growth factor and damaged teeth) and as promoters of cancer.  If we wish to offset the effects of these chemicals, which have now been detected in the rain of Europe and Western Canada, one must eat a tolerated high nutrient dense diet to compensate for the oxidative stress created by these chemicals and consider the daily use of a broad spectrum multiple antioxidant.



Has cancer care become big business – a growth industry?  Drug cancer sales alone generate profits of over one billion dollars annually.  National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is sponsored by some seventeen government, professional, pharmaceutical and medical organizations, including the National Cancer Institute.  The project was initiated by Zeneca Group PLC, a bio-science company that profits as much from producing pesticides and other industrial chemicals as it does from selling drugs.

Zeneca produces acetochlor, considered a probable human carcinogen by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  It also makes tamoxifen, the most commonly prescribed breast cancer drug.  This is a brilliant money-making formula.  Sell products that can cause cancers that it’s other products can then be sold to treat. – from AWhy spend so much treating cancer, so little preventing it?@  By Laurie Melamed, Ph.D., CCPA Monitor April 1999.



An Unusual Presentation of Grain protein intolerance by Dr. A. Fasano, Los Angeles/95


Such grains as wheat, oats rye, barley, teff, amaranth, quinoa, Kamut, spelt and millet have gluten like protein.  Dr. Fasano analysed 20 years of serum samples for IgG anti gliadin antibody, of Children diagnosed with growth  hormone deficiency.  Medical records revealed 2 populations in response to growth hormone therapy: Agood growers’ and Apoor growers@.  Good growers had antibody levels within normal range.  Poor growers had high levels of anti gliadin antibodies suggesting gluten intolerance.



Anti gliadin antibody is not 100% accurate in determining gluten intolerance.  Gluten like grain protein damages the gut lining creating a malabsorption and possible growth failure.  Also antibodies can form to gluten, and as well particles of gluten may deposit in tissue such as the pituitary with subsequent inflammation interfering with growth hormone production.  In’ any case eliminating grain protein in a child with failure to  thrive or growth impairment would be advisable.



From the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Haematology 1998;10 (11):927-931.  Authors Sategra-Guidette, et al , concluded there was an association of celiac disease (intolerance to the protein of all grains except rice, sorghum and corn, however, corn is not well tolerated due to suspected mold contamination) with thyroid disease.  The authors advise screening patients with thyroid disease for gluten intolerance.


(The best test is simply total elimination of gluten containing foods and noting if improvement occurs.)


In The Literature Infertility, obstetric and gynaecological problems in coeliac sprue. Digestive Disease 1994 May – June


There is now substantial evidence that coeliac sprue (intolerance to gluten, that is the protein in most grains except rice) is associated with infertility both in men and women.  In women it can lead to delayed onset of periods, absence of period, early menopause, recurrent abortions and a reduced pregnancy rate.  In men it can cause hypogonadism, immature secondary sex characteristics and reduce semen quality.  The mechanism which produces these changes is unclear (it is known that  food intolerance changes the intestinal mucus membrane             leading to malabsorption) however, malnutrition involving iron, folic acid and zinc have been suggested.  In 25% of coeliac patients impotence and loss of libido occurs.  Avoidance of gluten will eventually correct the problem.



Intestinal disease, especially colitis is commonly seen in domesticated cats and dogs.  Diarrhea is usually the presenting symptom.  One fatal complication of unresolved intestinal disease is pancreatitis which usually occurs in older aged dogs.  Such incidence is increased by being overweight, diabetes, hyperadrenal, hypothyroid, and epilepsy.  Primary risk factors to such conditions are microbial gut infections and food.  Primary treatment is food.


from: Evaluation of risk factors for acute pancreatus in dogs.  Journal of Am-Vets Assoc.  Jan/99

Diet and lage intestional disease in dogs & cats, Journal of Nutrition 1998 Dec.

Nutritional management of gastrointestinal tract diseases in dogs & cats, Journal of Nutrition Dec 1994.




Numerous studies published in the scientific literature demonstrate the effectiveness of chiropractic spinal manipulation as follows:


What role for chiropractic in health care?  From the New England Journal of Medicine 1998;335(15):1074-1075


Use of chiropractic services from 1985-1991 in the U.S. and Canada from the American Journal of Public Health 1998,88(5) : 771 – 776


A comparison of active and simulated chiropractic manipulation as adjunctive treatments for childhood asthma.  New England Journal of Medicine 1998; 339 (15):   1013 – 1020.




Spinal manipulation of the mid-back will give relief to the    asthmatic due to the neurological effect of these areas of the spine on the lung tissue.  After an adjustment the person will breathe more easily and often can reduce the need for medication.  However, if the person truly wants to get rid of the inflammatory airway then they must change their chemistry.  The bottom line is that they must change the way they are eating to reduce oxidative stress and possibly supplement their diet with minerals and anti- oxidants.  Herbs and homeopathic remedies can also offer relief to get rid of asthma.  Your chemistry must be properly managed to reduce the inflammatory load by removing the primary triggers – reactions to food and animal dander.



A review of conservative management of mechanical neck pain was published in the British Medical Journal 313: 1291-6 by lead author Dr Peter Aker, assistant professor, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.  The results of this overview do not support the use of active exercise, traction, tens and ultrasound as the best way to treat neck pain promoted by conventional medical treatment.  The best evidence, although more research is necessary, is for manual treatments ( as in spinal manipulation) in combination with early activation and modalities for pain relief.  The Chiropractic Report Jan./97.



Growing pain really does not exist.  Pain is due to something not working properly and most often it is due to mechanical restrictions of muscles and joints.  In the case of growing pain it is a restriction in pelvic mechanics in particular the sacroiliac joints.  This can result in discomfort ie. pain, achiness, pins & needles, burning, swelling, weakness heaviness, etc, of the low back, hip, groin, leg, knee, ankle, foot. > In growing children it usually presents  as leg pain which wakes them at night and is relieved by getting up and walking, massaging the muscles or taking a bath.  The treatment of choice of course is to correct the cause- adjust the sacroiliac joint. (Most children will respond in 1 or 2 treatment sessions of spinal manipulative therapy.).  It is easily corrected and it is not growing pains.




2 cup  baby fruit

2 cup  olive oil

2/3 cup brown sugar OR

2 cup   honey

1 cup    rice flour

1 cup    Kingsmill Rice Potato

Flour Bread Mix

1  tsp.    soda

1  tsp.    vanilla

2 cup raisins /dried fruit or if         tolerated milk free chocolate          chips.

Bake at 350 about 10 min.



If possible use cast iron pancake griddle, medium heat.

1 cup     rice flour

2 cup    Kingsmill Rice Potato                    Flour Bread Mix.

2 cup   Heinz peaches & pear

junior baby food

4 tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp. soda

2  ( medium-sized) apples      finely grated (Cortland)

1 cup water (enough water to                make batter so it clumps                  off spoon)

1 tsp. fresh-squeezed lemon                    juice


Both of these recipes work well without Kingsmill rice flour mix.  Substitute a cup of rice flour or experiment with 3/4 cup of rice flour plus a tablespoon of tapioca flour, or potato flour, or methylcellulose or dissolved gelatin.


Remember, cookies are cookies, not necessarily a great food but for some an occasional snack.  Try reducing the sugar as much as possible.  Tolerance for the various sugars varies.





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