April 15, 2007


Dr. M. Baker, President of the British Columbia Society of Rheumatology, stated in the Medical Post April 23, 2002, p15, that 1,600 Canadians die each year due to the use of arthritis medication. Dr. Baker is encouraging physicians to make use of new arthritis types of medication called COX-2 inhibitors, i.e. Vioxx and Celebrix.


However, these medications also cause gut side effects, as well as, damage to the immune and cardiovascular systems. See Newsletter #5 “Pain Medication and Death Risk”, also see Newsletter #1 “Fat” which discusses the role of Omega 3 fatty acids anti-inflammatory effects on conditions such as arthritis.

Why not go after the cause – it’s much safer and not that difficult. Remember arthritis aches and pain result from irritation to the tissue. This is mostly due to food particles leaking through the gut wall and depositing in tissue causing an immune reaction. Avoid the inappropriate foods and in one week you will feel the benefit.




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