April 15, 2007


Medical Post April 23, 2002 reports that “back pain is common among teenage backpack users and is associated with poor overall health and physical condition.”


Researcher, Dr. R. Kruse, notes that “the literature on back pain does support that aerobic fitness … helps back pain in adults and children.” Refer to Newsletter #3, i.e. Fats for Endurance, not Carbs and More on Back Pain.

Adolescents with back pain were more likely to be female, have a higher body mass index (BMI), report lower health scores and spend more hours watching T.V.




Back pain in adults or youth is most often due to some postural habit of sitting, repetitive action or in this case – backpacks. Not only must these structural stresses be corrected but also the poorly moving joints in the pelvis must be corrected with spinal manipulation and exercise.

Usually in uncomplicated back pain, three to four treatment sessions with teens is required, with adults it is usually four to six sessions. The more complicated the back pain, that is, symptoms beyond localized pain such as referred pain, numbness, tingling, warm and cold sensations or muscle weakness then the longer it will take to correct, sometimes up to 10-15 sessions or more. Also the sooner the injury is treated the easier it is and of shorter duration.






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